Steven D. Brand, Psychotherapist, MSWMPH, LCSW, PC

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Steven D. Brand
  • Private Practice in Historic Roswell, Georgia Since 1998
  • Over 35,000 Clinical Hours
  • BU School of Social Work, Boston, MA 1993

Steven’s philosophy and style utilizes a blend of both cognitive and behavioral therapies. The fundamental premise from which he works is: “The truth will set you free.” This simply means that any truth about yourself, your marriage, your family of origin, your siblings, your parenting, or your career trajectory could become a newly discovered truth that empowers you to recover and overcome a major hurdle in your life.

Steven is a therapist because he enjoys helping people grow stronger through the struggles of life. His promise is to build a professional, therapeutic and cathartic relationship that empowers people to heal, stretch and grow. Steven provides a safe place where you can be vulnerable and heal without judgment.

Steven’s clients choose to come visit him to process, to download, and to problem-solve. You will find him to be an empathic listener and wise counselor. Steven’s promise is that he will give you his best to help you be your best. Come in soon for the growth and progress you have been seeking.